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Watch Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (1984) : Full Movie Online Free The Yangs are betrayed by a government official conspiring with the Mongols. All of the Yang family males except the 4th, 5th, and 6th brothers are killed. Fu Sheng loses his mind after the death of his family, while the other brother, takes refuge in a temple. Liu's superb martial arts skill, impress the temple's senior monks. He learns that his sister has been captured by the conspirators.

Release Date:Feb 17, 1984
Casts:Gordon Liu Chia-Hui, Kara Hui, Alexander Fu Sheng, Johnny Wang Lung-Wei, Lily Li Li-Li, Phillip Ko Fei, Chu Tit-Wo, Liu Chia-Liang, Leanne Lau Suet-Wa, Wong Ching-Ho, Sek Gong